Air Conditioning

The range of services includes:

  • advice on the selection of air conditioners,
  • design of air conditioning systems
  • installation and commissioning of air conditioners,
  • maintenance of air conditioners,
  • warranty and post-warranty service of air conditioners.


We install air conditioning units in:

  • business premises (offices, warehouses, industrial buildings, production and service facilities, etc.)
  • catering industry (restaurants, bars, etc.)
  • in residential buildings, lolach flats, wooden chalets (including logs)
  • Server rooms
  • conference rooms,
  • homes weddings,
  • hotels, farm houses,
  • hospitals,
  • Large tents (eg. weddings, industrial)
  • offices / clinics,
  • offices / clinics dental,
  • dispensaries / veterinary practices,


We invite you to familiarize yourself with the current price lists of air conditioners.

Call us! We will help you select the optimum air conditioning solution at a reasonable price!


Air conditioning in the house

The house is our mainstay, a place where you spend your free time, relax. That is why it is so important to ensure adequate conditions of our stay there, even in the greatest heat. If you decide to installation of air conditioning in our house / apartment best to do it at the very beginning of the project or during the renovation. The easiest way then mask the air conditioning system and condensate wkuwając her into the wall, so that it is invisible. For home use they are designed primarily wall-mounted air conditioners. A large range of products allows you to adapt them to design the various rooms. At home, depending on the room decor can also be mounted air conditioners – flexi or air conditioning duct. Depending on the needs of the proposed air conditioners can be split version or multi-split allowing you to connect several indoor units to one condenser, which is particularly important if we wish to carry out air conditioning in the residential building where the balcony you can mount a limited amount of outdoor units.

Influence the choice of air conditioning in the house has a number of factors, among others:

  • insolation,
  • room volume,
  • size of the windows,
  • number of people,
  • the number and type of electronic equipment.


Air conditioning for gastronomy

For all who want to open a restaurant or ensure the good functioning ventilation and air conditioning system in your premises we offer our experience. We provide comprehensive services from design through execution of ventilation, the ventilation measurements. One of the problems which trouble the restaurant owners is how to provide tolerable working conditions in the kitchen. Most of the older kitchen is equipped only with hoods, usually in newer system we have supply-exhaust ventilation. Sam ventilation and air extraction does not solve the problem of large heat gains. Even with a properly operating system in summer the temperature often exceeds 50 ° C.

The use of conventional air conditioners not working. After several months of air conditioners clogging fat and quickly destroyed. In this case, you have the following solutions:

  • Installation of the ventilation with cooler freon and aggregate,
  • adding radiator and generator to existing control panel (if permitted by the parameters),
  • installation of the air conditioner resistant kitchen conditions.

We recommend to use kitchen ceiling air conditioners Mitsubishi Electric (PCA model-RP-HA). Constructed from stainless steel sheet and special filters fatty perfectly suited to the kitchen in which there are large amounts of grease vapor deposited on the hardware. They can be washed with detergents without problems and with interchangeable filters the air conditioning refrigerant circuit is not exposed to clogging.


Air conditioning for companies

In this paper we spend even 1/3 of adult life. Suitable climate affects the well-being and increased productivity. There is a close link between the quality of human labor and the temperature of his immediate surroundings. Too hot, too cold, or too wet atmosphere is bad for productivity. Labour productivity begins to decline already at a temperature of about 22 ° C and above 26 ° C, followed by a sudden collapse. It is therefore important to keep the temperature under control. It should be noted that the term „wind chill” on the assumption takes into account humidity. It has been proven scientifically that:

  • at high temperatures often accidents happen – the optimum temperature is about 20 ° C.
  • when it is too hot, rapidly declining mental performance and work rhythm.

Air conditioning to the office especially recommend cassette air conditioners. They are characterized by compact light construction. It is an ideal solution for companies in which is mounted ceiling because it does not take up any space on the walls. The air outlet can be directed in any of four directions. The air conditioner of this type perfectly distributed throughout the room cool. DAIKIN air conditioners and LG are based on modern inverter technology, providing significant savings in operating costs of these devices.

In offices where there is no ceiling, we offer a unique solution podstropowych air conditioners or air conditioners wall. These are the ideal solution for offices with shops, restaurants do not have a ceiling.

Depending on the arrangement of your premises, we can also recommend other solutions air conditioning. We split system air conditioners, Multisplit, VRV and chilled water systems.


Air conditioning for computer rooms

We all know how important it is to ensure proper working conditions for devices installed in the server and it is through the whole year. Many computer systems releases the operation when the room temperature is above 30 ° C. When the temperature exceeds 38C may result in loss of data. Servers cabinet cancer, May UPS specified by the manufacturers operating range in modern devices temp. Of 10 ° C to 30 ° C and humidity of 15 to 85%. At present, it is assumed that the starting conditions when determining how distribution conditioned air in the room should be:

  • providing the appropriate amount of conditioned air into the suction air through each server with an optimal temperature of 20-25 ° C and a humidity not lower than 45%
  • drain with no server chassis less air than delivered
  • protection against penetration of hot air in the suction zone

Fulfilling w / in terms of uninterrupted and safe determines the maximum air-conditioning system with pre-term investment and maintenance costs and requirements that must be met in the room. The higher the assumed power density in computer rooms the greater the effect the designer of air conditioning on the overall architecture of the room, or even the entire data center. It is recognized that the basic requirements for each computer room air conditioning system is limited to a few key guidelines:

  • delivery by the air conditioning right amount of cool air to any technical device,
  • maintaining the recommended temperature and humidity in the room (alarm in case of failure of air conditioning, large temperature rise, flooding)
  • discharge from the housing computer devices hot air,
  • to prevent the hot exhaust air conditioning,
  • implement these guidelines in a continuous manner, with security air conditioning in case of emergency.

In addition to the purely technical requirements, server room air conditioning system must meet the expectations of users and administrators of such facilities.

  • operational reliability,
  • low operating costs,
  • ease of maintenance.


How to choose air conditioning

When you decide to purchase a home air conditioner we must first answer the question of what determines that bought the device will actually serve their purpose. This parameter is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. However, the very choice of air power is no longer a matter much more complicated. Well-chosen cooling capacity of the air conditioner should cover the heat that has been supplied or produced in a room conditioned, that we want.

To heat the room gets different ways, through sunlit windows, exterior walls, roof, interior partitions. Additionally warmth „produce” the people and the animals staying in the room, as well as the operating equipment (refrigerators, computers, ovens, printers, TV sets) and lighting. Mostly these are the main source of heat. In addition, you have to take into account, inter alia: purpose of the room, number of people, number of windows and their location (northern, southern, eastern, western wall), and a shaft penetration and other factors, such as. Skylights. To well choose air conditioning at home should do heat balance of the room. The more heat is supplied to the room, the greater must hold to power the air conditioner.

There are several ways to make calculations, but in any case first need to calculate the cubic space that will be air-conditioned, and only then consider the heat balance. The more accurately zbilansuje a room, ie. The more parameters which determine the amount of heat delivered to the room is taken into account, the more accurately calculate the cooling capacity needed to air conditioner. The best way of selection of air conditioning at home, however, is to entrust it to the skilled person who has relevant experience.



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