Training at the company headquarters Alpfa-Inno Tec Kasendorfie

In November, 24-27 November 2013. Was held at the headquarters of AlphaInno Tec in Kasendorfie held a training for installers dealing with heat pumps, attended also by our company. The training was organized by the company TECH HYDROfrom Konin.

Cyclical trainings on heating systems based on devices by Alpha-InnoTec are an integral part of cooperation HydroTech Enterprises Konin with installers of heat pumps. The November meeting involved both a detailed discussion and analysis of the assortment offered by the brand, but also the ability to adapt the offer to potential investors with whom they work installers.



Participants of the training at the headquarters of Alpha-Inno Tec Kasendorfie

The second important point of the meeting was the presentation of heating systems using a variety of practical situations and solutions that can wait for installers. During the training presents a wide range of information, from the main issues related to the operation of heat pumps Alpha-InnoTec, by discussing the parameters, modes of operation and their performance devices. Plumbers also received numerous design guidelines associated with the assembly and setting heat pumps, as well as connecting the entire heating system. An additional element to appreciate the meeting was to present the opportunities offered Luxtronik 2.0 controller, including automation and configuration of heating systems through it.

Everyone could share their knowledge about heat pumps, exchange experiences, as well as find answers to questions concerning the heating systems of other participants. Training has looked into the factory facilities, the environment and work organization which annually produced more than 50,000 heat pumps.

After completing the training, each participant received a certificate confirming participation in it. The document is not only a memento from the trip, but also proof of technical knowledge in the field of brand devices.



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