Air conditioning Wielun

The company KLIMAX offers to residents, businesses, offices and any other private and public entities of Wielun and its surroundings the selection of services, sales, installation, maintenance and service (warranty and post-warranty) air-conditioning units, among others, to houses, apartments and offices.

The house is our mainstay, a place where you spend your free time, relax. That is why it is so important to ensure adequate conditions of our stay there, even in the greatest heat – which will provide you with suitably made air conditioning. If you decide to installation of air conditioning in your house / apartment best to do it at the very beginning of the project or during the renovation. The easiest way then mask the air conditioning system and condensate wkuwając her into the wall, so that it is invisible. For home use they are designed primarily wall-mounted air conditioners. A large range of products allows you to adapt them to design the various rooms. We also offer cassette air conditioners, duct air conditioners, air conditioners Ceiling, portable air conditioners, manufacturers such as LG, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sinclair, GREE, York, Inventor, Daikin, Midea MDV, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Airwell, VIVAX. Air conditioning can be performed in the split or multi-split (for connecting several indoor units to one condenser).

When you decide to purchase a home air conditioner we must first answer the question of what determines that bought the device will actually serve their purpose. This parameter is the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. However, the very choice of air power is no longer a matter much more complicated. Well-chosen cooling capacity of the air conditioner should cover the heat that has been supplied or produced in a room conditioned, that we want.

To heat the room gets different ways, through sunlit windows, exterior walls, roof, interior partitions. Additionally warmth „produce” the people and the animals staying in the room, as well as the operating equipment (refrigerators, computers, ovens, printers, TV sets) and lighting. Mostly these are the main source of heat. In addition, you have to take into account, inter alia: purpose of the room, number of people, number of windows and their location (northern, southern, eastern, western wall), and a shaft penetration and other factors, such as. Skylights. To well choose air conditioning at home should do heat balance of the room. The more heat is supplied to the room, the greater the power of the air conditioner.

There are several ways to make calculations, but in any case first need to calculate the cubic space that will be air-conditioned, and only then consider the heat balance. The more accurately zbilansuje a room, ie. The more parameters which determine the amount of heat delivered to the room is taken into account, the more accurately calculate the cooling capacity needed to air conditioner. The best way of selection of air conditioning at home, however, is to entrust it to the skilled person who has relevant experience.

Our employees are free to drive you make inspection of the site where you want installed air conditioning and advise you on the air conditioner right kind of adequate power. Then we present to you the cost of the service. For more information please contact us at tel. 721 069 114 or by e-mail kontakt@klimaxpoland.com.

Wielun – a city in the province. Lodz, at the end of the Wielun Upland, the county seat and the municipality of Wielun Wielun. According to data from 2011. Wielun had about 24 thousand. residents.


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