Air conditioning Częstochowa

The company KLIMAX offers to residents, businesses, offices and all other public and private entities from Czestochowa and the surrounding area – comprehensive services for the air conditioning system for your home / office, ie .: the selection, sale, installation, maintenance and service (warranty and post warranty) air conditioning equipment. We offer wall-mounted air conditioners, air conditioners, cassette, duct air conditioners, air conditioners Ceiling, portable air conditioners, such manufacturers LG, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sinclair, GREE, York, Inventor, Daikin, Midea MDV, Samsung, Mitsubishi Electric, Airwell, VIVAX . Air conditioning can be performed in the split or multi-split (for connecting several indoor units to one condenser, which is particularly important if we wish to carry out air conditioning in the residential building where we can mount a limited amount of outdoor units). Air conditioning will provide you with adequate comfort on hot days, and additionally autumn and winter can serve as a heating device (heat pump).

In the case where the buyers are individuals (not companies) Air Conditioning can be installed in dwelling or single family residential building in the so-called. construction and assembly services (supply air conditioner with installation) taxed 8% VAT rate. The condition necessary to use the / at a reduced rate of VAT is to usable area single-family residential building where air conditioning is to be performed (supply air conditioner with installation) – does not exceed 300m2 (in the case of residential premises of usable area does not exceed 150m2).

Influences the choice of air many factors such as, inter alia:

  •     insolation,
  •     room volume,
  •     size of the windows,
  •     number of people in the room,
  •     the number and type of electronic equipment in the room.

Our employees are free to drive you make inspection of the site where you want installed air conditioning and advise you on the air conditioner right kind of adequate power. Then we present to you the cost of the service. For more information please contact us at tel. 721 069 114 or by e-mail kontakt@klimaxpoland.com.

Czestochowa – a city with county rights in southern Poland, the county seat of Czestochowa. Czestochowa is situated on the Warta River it is the central city of Czestochowa Czestochowa agglomeration and also the largest economic, cultural and administrative aforementioned northern subregion of the Silesian province. According to data from December 2012. Czestochowa has about 230 thousand. residents.



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